Technische Support


To support our customer in the phase of implementation of new technology is one of the key points of our work. Final satisfiction with HST CREATIVE technology is the most important for us and professional service&support is inseparable part of this satisfiction.


Support during implementation


  • Team of HST CREATIVE has a great expierience with implementation of technologies by our customers. Implementation does not mean only training of operators for us. We always offer extra support as the part of concluded contract. 
  • Process of implementation is the part of concluded contract and can have different character according to needs of the customer. Of course these needs can be extend beyond already signed contract.


Pressing support


  • Team of HST CREATIVE experts is here to help you although you have not bought our technology yet. 
  • This support may include training of emploeeys, programming of machine, changes of technical parameters by introduction of new type of product. Lot of possibilities but one target = satisfiction of the customer. For more information contact our department of technologies


Systematic support


  • Very often more favourable for the customer than pressing support because of the fact that this type of support is a kind of planned support which is realized for smaller amount of money and signed as the contract. 
  • Read about our special product Trainings in HST CREATIVE