Trainings in HST CREATIVE

If you are on the position of manager in your company for longer time, mybe you have already realized how difficult is to keep the level of technical knowledge in your team of operators. Leaving of "key" employee and in general low level of knoledge of potential employees can cause several problems. However we could help you. 


Internal situation in the company


  • Sometimes the internal situation in many companies is slightly different than it looks like for the first view. Problems including motivation of employees, low profit ration and low level of productivity and quality of production, on the other hand overworking of "key" employees. 
  • It is very difficult to deal with all of the phenomenons mentioned above and to keep off these problems for longer time period even there is a big influence of outer factors. HST CREATIVE can help you to improve such a situation in your company by introduction of our new project - Trainings in HST CREATIVE. 


Our experts in your company


  • At first it is necessary to analyse the situation directly in your company:

1) We identify the places, process and employees which are not compatible with planned improvement. 

2) We identify the emloyees who can be key for improvement. 

3) We introduce the structure of the plan in which it is improbable that important information are lost and key employees unstanded. 

  • We introduce the final plan including time schedule of realization and the plan will be agreed by both sides. 


Most efficient tools


  • We have no illusions that the way of thinking of employees can be changed by integration of our plan. Our aim is to reduce negative influences during the time and making positive aspects stronger at the same time.  
  • One of the most effective tools is outer authority - lecturer. This person is accepted in a better way than, even wise, employee of the company, of cource there are significatant employees in each company who could be responsible for such a thing. 
  • Regular lessons with  your employees may bring good relationship with lecturer without any repression. 
  • We do not explain only technical aspects of work of your employees, we work in context. Sometimes it is almost impossible to explain to employees how productivity and quality of work of each employee influences total economic result of the whole company and if they increase productivity and quality of their work, their salary will be higher as well. This is one of the facts highlighted by lecturer which should be understood by your employees. 


... If you do not need such a product,you are lucky :-)