VCNT - R&D centre of Nikola Tesla is the seat of HST CREATIVE where development of new technologies and products is done. R&D centre of Nikola Tesla is modern and presentible building designed in the way that the maximal comfort and adequate capacity for current and future needs of HST CREATIVE is provided.


Specialization on applied research and inovative approach


  • VCNT is modern, unique building and background for R&D activities of HST CREATIVE. There are several modern offices for team of constructers, laboratories for testing, prototype workshops, show room with product portfolio for company presentation. All of our customers are welcome. So if you are thinking of investment into HST CREATIVE technology come and see us.



R&D centre of Nikola Tesla, Vrchlabí


Offices of construction


Modern design




Applied research


  • Our main aim is to find new possibilities for automatization of welding. We prepare unique production processes and techniques and we put these theories into practise. We cooperate with significant institutions in whole Europe.




Project S_Cam 2014 - 2019


Project Q_Alfa 2014 - 2018


Project O_App 2016 - 2021




Innovative approach


  • There is no product in HST CREATIVE product portfolio which has no DNA of HST CREATIVE, meaning DNA of newness and smart innovation. Also for standard machines from our portfolio new solutions are being found and upgrades are still done. Many unique products have been developed so far.



RWP 108.221


EWR 1450.108


HWR 3152.108