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DOCKER system

The main purpose of this system is to improve the quality and possibilities of currently used welding devices and also to create the system of independantly used welding devices in the branch of industrial production. High-tech control system, which is operated throught the touchscreen display, brings easy and understandable controlling of all functions, including roller positioners.



  • DOCKER STATION is autonomous functional complex for controlling the welding process. This complex device can be used for any methods of welding and plasma cutting, including SAW method.

  • Mechanical construction of cross unit CU10 is designed as welded supporting frame that can be placed at any mounting points or construction. Supporting frame is equipped with linear bearing with the stroke of +/-200mm in Z axis along which the head torch is moved. The head of the torch is equipped with 90°movable mechanism on which X axis with the storke of +/- 150mm is placed. The pendel unit PW12 with the stroke of +/-20mm can be added to X axis. The torch head can carry support of cold wire feeder of any type of construction and of different dimensions and is equipped with mounting points for placing the camera.

  • Digital camera HST CREATIVE NICK 03 is mounted on separate support by which the laser can be carried as well. Camera consists of two layers equipped with cooling of electronics by the air. High quality object glass with adjustment of the screen and focusing is protected by protective glass that is changeable and also by the air screen that is created by waste air by which the device is cooled. Detailed view into the weld can be clearly provided by camera without using any extra filtration. The view taken by the camera is adjusted by software (including adjustment of lighting) and by this step clear and intelligible view is taken even by using for camera-complicated methods of welding MAG PULSE or TIG AC.

  • The NICK 03 camera is an advanced solution for visual checking of the welding process. No filters, no distortion, with negligible image delay, excellent intelligibility even with difficult welding methods. Digital image processing brings sophisticate functions which improve image quality and bring adaptation to the specific type of welding. The ability of storing of the record to the computer SSD drive underscores the high technical level of the device.

  • The NICK 03 is suitable for all of the types of welding including high-energy pulse welding using the MAG Pulse method. Likewise TIG DC welding with a large current level gradient is possible. TIG AC welding is detected precisely even with a high gloss of welded parts.

  • The computer of compact design is part of the camera case and processes the data flow for the industrial ETHERNET line which ensures excellent stability and is not susceptible to industrial interference from welding sources. The whole set have to be well cooled so it includes a sophisticated cooling system with air filtration. The lens has a glass cover which is easy for replace. The camera provides digital zoom with the possibility of zooming of the camera up to 35 cm from welding allows sufficient image magnification if necessary.

  • The essence of digital camera brings many useful features for image optimization in many situation of using. The ROI (the choice of the area of interest image selection) features deserves a special attention which increases uncluttery of welding scene to maximum of possible.

  • The device is controlled by 19” touchscreen display of glass surface which is fixed into steel design box in which is also industrial computer placed. By LCD touch controlling of functions is enabled including indicators of positions and parameters of welding and also enables to display camera imaging. The box, in which the display is fixed, is equipped with universal holder for mounting on the device and is possible to be equipped with ergonomic holder of controlling joystick with digital proportional function which is brought to the cross unit CU10.

  • Adding extending DOCK module can extend possibilities of function of this device. This module connects DOCKER STATION with roller positioners CARRIER (CLEVER type).




Main benefits

 The whole complex is fully autonomous and can be mounted on any type of the device. It is the best way how to upgrade older devices. 

 Precise controlling of motoric axises with resolution 0,1mm, accuracy of 0,2mm and with stroke of both axises of +/-200mm.

 Possibility of rotation of wiring of X axis enables to use the device for rotary and longitudinal welding at the same time.

 Digital camera with fully understandable focused view for any type of welding method, with adjustable ROI area of interest.

 Possibility to add roller positioners and to control them by integrated controlling software.

 Touch Screen LCD 19" which displays camera image, controlled elements and indicators of welding positions at the same time.



Progress speed *

 0,74 - 369,0 cm/min

Torque on shaft of roller positioners *

According to type

Vertical movement of torch head (Z axis)

0,01 - 200,0 cm/min

Horizontal movement of torch head (C axis)

0,01 - 150,0 cm/min

Pendel of the torch *

+/- 20 mm

Maximal loading of torch head by options of welding technoloqies

130 Kgs

Maximal loading of pendel head by welding torch 

5 Kgs

Duty cycle **

Rotation of roller positioners (HST CREATIVE CARRIER) * Controlled axis
Vertical movement of the torch head (Z axis)  +/- 200mm, controlled axis
Horizontal movement of the torch head (C axis)  +/- 150mm, controlled axis
Rotary movement of the torch head (R axis)  90°, manual axis
Pendel of the torch  +/- 20,0mmcontrolled axis
Suitable methods of welding SAW, MIG/MAG, TIG, Plasma Weld
Suction of flux for SAW method with automatic function * Yes
Warning of running out of flux for SAW method * Yes
Dimension of touchscreen in diagonal  19"
Camera system NICK 03 for direct view into the weld  * SAW, TIG DC
Camera system NICK 03 for direct view into the weld  * Unlimited
Connection of welding device through START/STOP system Yes
Controlled feeding of the wire * Yes
Digital fixed control in the place of operation * Proportional
Power supply *** 3x400V 50/60 Hz
Pressure air (dry, clean) * 0,5 - 0,9MPa
Design Mountable on constructions
Level of IP IP 51 C
Input for installation ***
Height ***
Width ***
Depth ***
Net weight ***


* Optional item, or more versions are available which differs according to function. Mentioned parameters are valid for maximal options.

** 8/5 = lower loading in one duty period /// 16/6 = industrial loading /// 24/7 = non - stop loading

*** Parameters can not be provided with 100% correctness. Configuration of the machine must be taken into consideration. Mentioned parameters are valid for reaching maximal effective value.


...Subject to change the technical parameters without notice.