Vor dem Service

If you are thinking of investment into automated or mechanized welding, the best step would be to consult your intention with us. Mainly, if you are not expierienced enough on the field of automated welding. HST CREATIVE and our distribution network of sales agents is here to help you.


Our aim


  • A lot of companies are thiking of modernization of production. The main reason is usually need of increasement of production, increasement of productivity, elimination of problems with employees, etc. 
  • There are several technical possibilities how to reach aims written above but it is always necessary to consider all of the factors like amount of planned investment, awaited result, etc. 
  • Important fact which should be mentioned is time. If there is not enough time to realize more complex project, the final result might be influenced by this lack of time. It is always necessary to have enough time for project realisation. 
  • Do not hesitate and contact us. We would be glad to meet you in our R&D centre in Vrchlabí, Czech Republic.


Before the project is started


  • We are always trying to come with the best solution for the customer which includes a lot of meetings, consultations, eliminations of possible problems and mistakes which could influence the project in its further phases.
  • Important part of pre - project period is proper analysis of in - house possibilities of customer's place of operation. For successful integration of automated welding are sometimes required bigger changes on the side of the customer talking about internal systems of the company. 
  • Main aim of this project phase is to make the customer sure about successful realisation of the project in certain time period and in certain area.




  • Welding of samples is sometimes complicated. If it is possible to weld the samples without necessity of special tool we are opened to weld the samples in our workshop or in customer's workshop. 
  • There are a lot of requests on the samples which are impossible to be welded without special tools. These tools are developed in second phase of the project which means that samples can not be welded in pre - project phase. In such a case we propose to construct these tools for extra money provided that these tools will be used later for the project. 




  • Contract about purchase of the device is concluded at first in which the final result of the project (investment) is specified as well as responsibility of each project part, what will be included in the delivery or which options will be extra invoiced. The whole project can be either "delivery to key" when full support of HST CREATIVE is provided or the whole delivery of technology can be realised without HST CREATIVE support. The type of delivery depends on the final decision of the customer. 
  • If the project requires development of special tools, device or elements which have not been used so far, phase of external examination is always included. In such a phase the customer has the right to give us his opinion about the result we present. We never underestimate this phase because very offen future (possible) problems are found. It is very important point for both sides to agree what we have done so far. 
  • Project is not ended by delivery of technology. We are also here to provide the customer with our full support during the implementation itself or to overcome initial problems with new technology. Our main target is to deliver complete, reliable and 100% functional solution.