Urgent service

Of course it is unpleasent that there is a kind of failure on our machine. However machine is only the machine and sooner or later the failure can appear. In this chapter the ways how to reach quick service are described. 


What can we do for you?


  • Quaranteed and post - quaranteed service of HST CREATIVE products.
  • Quaranteed and post - quaranteed service of CEBORA welding and plasma technique.
  • Quaranteed and post - quaranteed service of 2D CNC plasma PIERCE of appropriete level (failures of control system not considered), we closely cooperate with PIERCE Ostrava.
  • Quaranteed and post - quaranteed service of torches Abicor Binzel.
  • Qualified post - quaranteed service of welding machines of the most reputable manufactures
  • Electric controls of welding sources, calibration and validation of gauges of welding machines 


What to do before you contact the service


  • Read the section "Most frequent failures". You might be suprised how easy the solution can be
  • If the failure can not be removed, please, make sure that you, at least, can identify the failure and if so how sure you are about this identification. Just a small amount of your attention can safe a lot of time and money. 
  • If it is possible make a short video where the failure or problem is seen and sent it to us. By this step you can help us a lot becuse of the fact that the failure can be easy identify. Thank you for doing this :-)


Find out the most important information


  • Check production label put on the machine or put down the name of the machine, the version and production number. These are the basic information we need. If you take a photo of the label it makes our work much easier. Your machine has its own documentation in HST CREATIVE where the whole history of its production and service is written. 
  • Try to find out what could happened with the machine. If you are not sure, please, invest 20 minutes of your time to find out all of the important facts (cooperation with operator can help). Put all of these important facts into short report and provide us with. Thank you for doing that :) 


Do a short analysis and provide us with


  • Check power supply. All the phases have to be under sufficient power supply taking the type of connection into consideration. Didn't you change the place of the machine? Didn't you change the type of the connection? Electroinstallation on the workshop?
  • Check if all of the sockets are earth.
  • Check failure detection on the display of welding machine.
  • Check failure detection on the display of HST CREATIVE machine.
  • Check input of pressure air and technical gases (if used)
  • Did the failure appear immediately after blackout in the factory/ workshop? 
  • Did the failure appear on another devices in your workshop/factory in the same time?
  • Didn't you change the operator of the machine? 
  • Didn't you change the supplier of consumables? 
  • Didn't you change the supplier of materials or technical gases?
  • How about electro control? Did only our company do it or someone else?


Contact us


  • Go to "contacts" where you can choose one of the ways of communication with HST CREATIVE experts. 


Tips for future


  • Let us to do proper service at least once per one year. By this step you eliminate possible failures. 
  • Think the service contract over - more info in section "service contract".