Something is wrong?


In this chapter the most frequent failures are mentioned in general. It is not substitution of full technological support provided by HST CREATIVE. Actions by which should be most frequent failures removed are described in general. 


HST CREATIVE machine is fully non - functional


It is impossible to switch the machine on


  • Check input of electrical power into the machine
  • If there was a change of wall - socket (drawer), check it. There can be phase blocking on the machine. 
  • Check if all of the CENTRAL STOPs are offed


Machine causes blow of fuses immediately after switching on


  • Electronic of drives is charged immediately after start and needs enought power even when consumption of energy degreeses on the standard level immediately after switching the machine on. Therefore slow securing of the socket, from which the machine is supplied, is needed. 
  • Power supply is insufficient, check connection to power. 


Control system is on, there is no move of the machine, no mistake appears on the display

  • There is no power in drives. Check fuses. 



Something is wrong with drive, strange noise appears


There is not rotation of the spindle


  • Request on output of motor is behind possibilities of the machine. Either there is overloading of the machine in connection to adjusted speed range or the machine should lift up acceptable weight in the moment of rotation. 
  • Speed range is not correctly adjusted in service functions. Either the speed range is too high or there is wrong gear ratio. If you have an access to service MENU, check these facts. 


Spindle rotates but it is stopped in the moment of rotation start


  • Request on output of the machine is behind its possibilities. Prolong the time of acceleration to speed of rotation. For reducing the load acceleration can be prolonged in the range of tenths of second which is unimportant change for the welding. Standard example is the product of height weight and dimensions on which the weld of smaller diameter is performed, so high speed of rotation should be reached because of keeping standard progress speed of the torch. 
  • If the product of higher diameter and weight on the level of maximal limit, there is higher request on the output of the motor because of high momentum.


Product can not be lifted by drive in the phase of lifting the product up


  • Request on output of the machine is behind its possibilities. Take gravitation of Earth into consideration during elevation.  



Function of the machine seems strange


Cycle starts correctly but in the moment of start of welding the machine waits and afterthat it moves to start position 


  • TIG or PLASMA welding machine has not ignited the arc so far and after ten unsuccesful attemps of ignitation the machine waits for removing the failure. Check if there is protective gas and if wolfram electrode is sharp. Check if there is VF start (not in case of PLASMA) chosen on the welding machine and if suitable electrode is chosen in the control of welding machine.



Functions of welding machine seems not to be correct


Welding machine does not weld but it seems that there is nothing wrong with the machine, cycle has already started

  • Highprobably the function NO WELD is active. This fact is displayed by LED which is controlled by key with X cross. This statement is valid for machines equipped with electronic confirmation of arc.
  • Welding machine is not on or is not connected to HST CREATIVE machine by appropriete cable or the cable is broken. This statement is valid for machines which are not equipped with electronic confirmation of arc.


Welding machine still goes even there should be the end of the process


  • It is necessary to choose 2 STEP mode of working. If 4 STEP mode of working is chosen, welding machine can not be switched off because double signal does not come from automat.


Welding machine is switched on always for very short amount of time and is switched off immediately afterthat


  • Adjustment of angle must be according to your needs. If you forget to adjust the angle, there is zero angle automatically chosen which means that welding machine is swiched off immediately.



Welding process is not correct


MAG method of welding is chosen and the arc is not stable


  • For sucessfull welding it is necessary to adjust all of the input parameters correctly. Check if correct program of synergic mode of welding machine is adjusted in the connection with used protective gas.
  • Check if the gas is suitable. Each of materials needs different kind of gas. For example by CO2 there is no pulse arc, hardly any of materials can be welded by pure argon, mixture of Argon and CO2 in ratio of 80/20 is not suitable for welding CrNi steel.
  • Characteristics of arc is adjusted as extremely hard. Reduce feeding of the wire in such way that characteristics of arc will go to plus values. 
  • Lifespan of girger is over and is not able to transfer welding current correctly any longer. 


 MAG method of welding is used and the arc is fizzing


  • Check if there is adjusted correct program of synergy mode of welding machine in the connection of protective gas. 
  • Characteristics of arc is adjusted as extremely soft. Increase the value of feeding of the wire in such way that characteristics of arc will go to minus values. 
  • Pressure of rollers of the feeder is not sufficient. Check the feeding in such way that you hold the wire going out of the girger by plier's. The feeding should be so strong that it is impossible to stop it. 
  • The way of the wire is blocked and there is resistance. Loose rollers of the feeder and use plier's to pull the wire in the direction from the girger. The whole action should be easy, without extra energy needed. If it is not so and you have to put a lot of enegry into the operation, there is a problem with bowden of the torch or in the connection of toech and the feeder.
  • ifespan of girger is over and is not able to transfer welding current correctly any longer.


Welding arc is weak


  • Check if earth cable is correctly connected. Check the touch of scraped segment on the spindle. If any kind of defect is found, do not weld and contact the service.