Sometimes have our customers special requirements by which non - standard solutions are required. In many cases R&D of new solutions or combination of already used solution with the new one is necessary.  


Customized solution


  • It is the easiest way of R&D with great promise of final result. It goes about solutions where it is quaranteed that the final result will 100% fulfill customer's requirements and that there are not any obstacles during R&D and realisation itself which should not be overcome.  
  • In such a case we quarantee final result determinated in the following groups: 

1) Parameters which are reliably reached, at the latest at the end of testing run. 

2) Parameters which are high - probably reached at the latest with start of the standard operation process.

3) Parameters by which is unsure that will be reached even it is required. However unreaching of these parameters does not affect the final result which will be positive at the end.

  • The only information which is needed from the customer R&D group is required date of realisation from his side because it is necessary to agree this fact and put it into the contract. During several phases of the project, the customer gets all of the information about it for approval.  


R&D project


  • It goes about project by which is small amount of uncertainty about its sucessful final realization, on the other hand precentage that the whole project will be successfully realized is very high. In such a case we quarantee final result determinated in the following groups:

1) Process or principle unknown in the practice are the part of the project.

2) Process or principle which is controlled by minority of companies is the part of the project and there should be secret Know - how which means that the project has unique character. 

3) Already integrated processes are improved by the project provided that new solution will not bring worse results that the current one. 


Cooperation on the field of R&D


  • HST CREATIVE is R&D devision and we have finalized a lot of successful projects so far. We also learnt that some things are impossible as well as some projects are impossible for us. By more complex and difficult projects is cooperation on the side of customer requiered and principle for us that we are not opened to start projecting without customer's support. Customer must understand that he is the part of our project team. There are several attitudes of customers we have faced so far: 

1) Money are paid and supplier (HST CREATIVE) is fully responsible for 100% realization. It is business and business is hard.

2) Unique KnowHow is the most principle for the project. Althought it could bring us competitive advantage we do not want to share it and risk. 

3) In case that the project is not realized successfully at the end, there is no alternative solution from our side. 


Applied research


  • HST CREATiVE is working on projects of applied research for the aim of internal purposes only without sharing its Know - how. Cooperation with institutions of R&D and sharing of information is exceptional on this field. 




  • If the cooperation is successful and unique solution is created, we are ready not to provide know - how to competitive companies for the time which is agreed by both sides althought the owner of intellectual property is HST CREATIVE. 
  • If any kind of information principle for your competitive advantage is found, we promise that this information is the secret one and will not be told to public.
  • Our customers have no right to share internal information and principles of HST CREATIVE without permition of HST CREATIVE.