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Roller positioner RWD 420


Necesary choice

The green color indicates an element or the part that have to be installed to the machine in one of the offered variants already during its production and the machine cannot be forward into the operation without it, or order it.


Construction surcharge

Yellow coloring means an element or the part which have to be installed into the machine in some of the offered variants already during its production. In principle it is a device extending functionality.


Free equipment

The gray coloration indicates an element or the part which is possible to fit the machine at any time later. Assembly is possible by the end user. In principle it is an equipment which expands functionality.

Machine is suitable for working in the industry in the mode 7/24. Design of the machine brings many advantages and great variability for working by the welding process and manipulation with cylinders and round cylinders as well. High quality synchronized drives quarantee great dynamic attributes of the unit in the connection with NEXT or CLEVER units.



  • RWD 420 CLEVER is self – adjustable roller positioner, production unit with possibility of wheelbase of rollers. Perfect ergonomics and maintanance of high technology should be reached by designing this machine, only high – tech parts are used for this technology.

  • The steel frame construction carries tilting cross motoric units with integrated drives. These units are made out of compact construction and their cross position is fixed by easy system of pivots. If the rails are used for the positioner, machine can be equipped by sophisticated pneumatic system of lifting the positioner up and down, which enables comfortable use of the positioner.

  • Rollers with surface of vulcanized gum or CrNi steel can be added to carring units. Construction is variable and enables the choice of mounting 4,8 or 12 single rollers. By this step minimal specific pressure on the surface of the cylinder is reached and risk of surface deformation is eliminated.

    System of cross adjustment of wheelbase together with automatic tilting of carring units quarantees precise centric division of pressure powers caused by weigh of the cylinder.

  • Positioner is controlled by digital remote control “Mighty Controller” which can fully display all of the working parameters on the display. Foot controller “Start/Stop" can be also added to the machine and enables right/left controlling of the device. Electronic brake is a part of standard delivery which keeps positioners from spinning by eccentric loading. 

  • Machine can be also equipped by contact cable for controlling of external device, for example welding machine. This unit can be added to another CLEVER units (up to 3 units) and by this step the higher maximal loading will be reached and precise exactness will be kept during the welding.




Main benefits

√  Two step synchronized motors and gearbox of highest quality provide great dynamics and efficiency of the drive.

 Minimalization of specific pressure on the surface of the cylinder quaranteed by self – adjustable carring units

 Precise eccentric division of pressure powers caused by weigh of the cylinder thanks to adjustable wheelbase of carring units

 Resistant industry design without risks of  demage which could be caused by manipulation with burdens.

 Fully - digital controlling which enables displaying of working parameters on „Mighty Controller“, possibility of controlling another CLEVER devices. 




Maximal static load - output of drives not mentioned

15000,0 Kgs

Torque on shaft of rollers

2 x 1800,0 Nm

Progress speed

  0,50 - 249,3 cm/min

Duty cycle **



Minimal diameter of tank (all rollers touch the tank) 900,0 mm
Minimal diameter of tank (only inner rollers touch the tank) 200,0 mm
Maximal diameter of tank 6000,0 mm
Diameter of rollers 420,0 mm
Width of rollers 140,0 mm
Number of rollers * 4, or 8, or 12
Standard distance between pulleys (on request possible to adjust)* 1800,0 mm
Stroke of positioner from braking segments for easy moving along the pulleys * 15,0 mm
Rotation of roller positioners Controlled axis
Elevation of roller units (T axis) Self - adjustable axis (gravitational)
Distance between roller positioners in pivots of T axis
Movement along pulleys * Manual axis
Suitable methods of welding SAW, MIG/MAG, TIG, Plasma Weld
Connection of welding device through START/STOP system * Yes
Remote control * Yes
Power supply 3x400V 50/60 Hz
Pressure air (dry, clean) * 0,5 - 0,9MPa
Description of working position * Moveable along the pulleys
Levl of IP IP 21
Input power for installation ***
Net weight *** 2x 2200 Kgs


* Optional item, or more versions are available which differs according to function. Mentioned parameters are valid for maximal options.

** 8/5 = lower loading in one duty period /// 16/6 = industrial loading /// 24/7 = non - stop loading

*** Parameters can not be provided with 100% correctness. Configuration of the machine must be taken into consideration. Mentioned parameters are valid for reaching maximal effective value.


...Subject to change the technical parameters without notice.

Basic configuration of the machine

Basic equipment for automatization