Kunden von A bis Z

Each letter of the alphabet is the synonymum for one satisfied customer of HST CREATIVE. Unique portfolio of HST CREATIVE products can bring satisfaction to almost all kinds of industry including: general engineering, machinery engineering, automotive, aircraft industry as well as research and developement branches.



Alenia Aermacchi - Finmeccanica - Aircraft industry Italy
BRUSCH SEM - Production of turbine generators for power Czech Republic
CARGOLIFT - Production of technic for manipulation Spain
DZD Dražice - Heat exchangers Czech Republic
ESTERLINE - Components for aircraft industry the USA
FEROX - CHART - Production of bulk containers for liquefied industrial gases Czech Republic
General Electric - Aircraft engines Schweiz
HKS Kompensatoren - Production of compansators Czech Republic
ISOVER - Production of mineral insulation Czech Republic
JSP Industrial Controls - Measure and regulation technics Czech Republic
KV Final - Automotive Czech Republic
LUKR - Stainless steel tanks Czech Republic
MICO - Production of heat exchangers and condensers for power engineering Czech Republic
NANOFILLER - Filters from nanofiber Germany
OKD - Mining industry Czech Republic
PBS Velká Bíteš - Precise engineering for aircraft industry Czech Republic
QuertyLogic - Pressure tanks Belgium
RAVET - Measure technics Czech Republic
Sudex Schaffer - Tanks of stainless steel Czech Republic
TVARMETAL - Automotive  Czech Republic
UMET - Tanks of stainless steel
Vector Production - Measure technics Austria
Volkswagen - Automotive Germany
Xtreme Air - Aircraft industry Germany
Yman Structure - Steel constructions of buildings the Neatherlands
Zlin Aircraft - Aircraft industry Czech Republic