Technical references

In this section possibilities of HST CREATIVE machines are briefly described (including technical know - how, level and class of controlled process of welding during mechanization and automatization). 


Standard technologies supported by HST CREATIVE



  • Rotary welding performed on the plate with elevation 
  • Rotary and longitudinal welding with clamping in the centre axis, inner and outer elevation (possible without elevation) 
  • Rotary and longitudinal welding on rotating rollers, inner, outer 
  • Screw and layer welding without elevation and screw and layer welding with elevation 
  • Longitudinal welding with both side fix clamping
  • Plasma cutting of bevels in 2,5D
  • Plasma cutting of plate materials in 2D
  • Complex multitasking systems for fully automated process of welding 




Welding methods for which are HST CREATIVE devices optimazed 



  • MIG short circuit (method of type 131*)
  • MAG short circuit, open circuit, impulse arc (methods of type 135, 136, 138*)
  • SAW (method of type 121, 123*)
  • TIG DC continous arc, pulse arc (methods of type 141, 142, 143, 145, 147 *)
  • TIG AC continous arc, pulse arc (methods of type 141, 142, 143 *)
  • Plasma Welding continous arc, pulse arc (method of type 15 *)
  • Plasma Welding Key Hole continous arc (method of type 15 *)
  • Laser


 * Welding methods according to ISO 4063



Concept and design of HST CREATIVE machines



  • Rotary desk positioner with elevation 
  • Horizontal lathe welding automat 
  • Horizontal rotary lathe automat with elevation of the tailstock and control of torch position 
  • Universal rotary automat with elevation of the arm 
  • Universal rotary automat with elevation of the arm and control of torch position 
  • Roller rotary positioner with self - adjustable function and adjustable wheelbase
  • Portal movable automat of GANTRY type with controlled position of the torch 
  • Roller rotary self - adjustable positioner
  • Automat for longitudinal method of welding with precise clamping to copper underlay



Possibilities of control systems in the connection of production process 



  • Numerically controlled axises: R-rotary, X-longitudinal, Z-height, T-tilting, E 1, 2, 3 - another types of controlled axises
  • Saving and naming of programs 
  • Program compilations - creation of whole production processes
  • Touch control by LCD system 
  • Remote controls which can be programmed by the end user according to actual needs
  • Possibility of program over - changing, system of UP/DOWN logic
  • Digital camera enabling to check the whole system of welding including direct view into the weld 
  • CanBus communication between HST CREATIVE automats and welding machine (available from 06/2016)
  • Control systems of the weld: Tactil, AVC (available from 09/2016)