Digital camera for welding HST CREATIVE NICK 03


Use for


We have created a new product as the result of our research and development in the field of advanced industrial technologies. The NICK 03 camera becomes a possible accessory for a wide scale of HST CREATIVE devices. However it can work completely independently of any other system.


The NICK 03 camera is an advanced solution for visual checking of the welding process. No filters, no distortion, with negligible image delay, excellent intelligibility even with difficult welding methods. Digital image processing brings sophisticate functions which improve image quality and bring adaptation to the specific type of welding


The ability of storing of the record to the computer SSD drive underscores the high technical level of the device.


The camera NICK 03 is suitable for all of the types of welding including high-energy pulse welding using the MAG method. Likewise TIG DC welding with a large current level gradient is possible. TIG AC welding is detected precisely even with a high gloss of welded parts.


The camera NICK 03 is product with the best parameters even on a worldwide scale. 

Svařovací kamera

Svařovací kamera

Technique and display

The technical solution of the camera is based on a special sensor chip originally intended for military purposes. The electronics of the most advanced level for a basic image processing are securely placed in the metal case of the camera. 


The computer of compact design is part of the camera case and processes the data flow for the industrial ETHERNET line which ensures excellent stability and is not susceptible to industrial interference from welding sources.


The whole set have to be well cooled so it includes a sophisticated cooling system with air filtration. The lens has a glass cover which is easy for replace.


The camera provides digital zoom with the possibility of zooming of the camera up to 35 cm from welding allows sufficient image magnification if necessary. 


The essence of digital camera brings many useful features for image optimization in many situation of using. The ROI (the choice of the area of interest image selection) features deserves a special attention which increases uncluttery of welding scene to maximum of possible.