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Tailstock without tilting with loose spindle, pneu. stroke and mech. brake



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...This item is suitable for supporting the product with possibility of regulating the pressure in the direction of main spindle.


  • Tailstock without tilting with loose spindle, pneumatical stroke and mechanical brake is functional element of machine suitable for supporting and pressure of tailstock to the welded product.
  • Tailstock can be equipped with own drive. Drives of main spindle and tailstock are synchronized and designed as backlash - free. Step motor moves precise planetary gearbox by which belt gear is driven. Main spindle and the tailstock have normalized shafts suitable for mountage of universal chuck of 250mm with hole of 78mm.
  • Pressure of tailstock is designed as linear with blocking segment and pneumatical cylinder of 125mm, with standard stroke of 350mm (if required can be higher). Pressure force to the welded product is 6000N.
  • Tailstock is equipped with pneumatic-mechanical brake to braking the tailstock in the desired position to prevent spontaneous movement.


Main benefits

 Sturdy construction is suitable for high loading, precise bearing on ball linear bearing. 

 Adjustable pneumatical pressure.