Written references


For business of our customers are HST CREATIVE machines principal part of their production and these customers may become inspiration also for you and your business if you still wonder about purchase of HST CREATIVE technologies.


Alenia Aermacchi Finmeccanica - R&D in aircraft industry


“Our company is significant manufacturer of planes. In our developement centre design of the best possible solutions of the components, we produce, is developed. Therefore the issues of suitable welding technology have to be solved. In our production hear - resistant steel, layer welding of the metal and welding of alloys of aluminium are performed. In R&D department prototypes are at first design which are taken into production afterthat. For some time we were properly looking for the machine for rotary welding which would be also suitable for longitudinal, layer and screw welding. Machine EWR 1450.108 fulfill our request and also expectations. In comperism to robotic systems, which we also use, is EWR more flexible with the same results. With integration of cold wire feeder and digital camera system for welding documentation we get modern and sophisticated device. We would like to continue in cooperation with HST CREATIVE in the future on the field of developement of one - purpose machines for aircraft industry.”


Sergio Barbarito - Metal R&D Department


CHART FEROX - high - capacity tanks production for liquid gases


“ Chart Ferox belongs to the most significant suppliers of high capacity tanks all over the world. Our cooperation with HST CREATIVE lasts for some time and has always been very succesfull. In the past we cooperated on a very succesfull project which was ended by great result - developement of the machine for beveling of bases of high capacity tanks by plasma. In the years of 2014 and 2015 another cooperation with HST CREATIVE came and very difficult project with demanded a lot of investments was realized. Althought it was a huge piece of very hard work, this project was very succesfull in the end and these days we can say that our production is equipped with high - quality and high - effective technique which can realize the most difficult requests. We would like to continue in cooperation with HST CREATIVE for the next tenders and HST CREATIVE is taken as one of the most significant suppliers of technique for automatization of welding.”


Ing. Zdeněk Sucharda - financial department


KOVOJAS - general engineering


“ Our company is situated in Silesia and belongs to smaller companies. Our main aim is to focus on suppling of welded components for significant companies of the branch of metallurgy and engineering. We weld wide range of types of welds including smaller pieces and more complex products with high requirements on quality. Our production is characterized by variedness and lots of changes. Therefore our requirement was to get the device which is able to fulfill all of these requirements, which means maximal flexibility with full automatization of production process with not such a high initial investment. Solution which was brought by hST CREATIVE 100% fulfilled all of our requirements and therefore we have been using HST CREATIVE device for almost 5 years.”


Lumír Jasiok - CEO 


REVOK - serial production for general engineering 


We decided to upgrade our production by integration of digital desk positioners of HST CREATIVE. By this step we managed to realize long lasting contract for shafts made out of Fe. Function and flexibility of these positiners can 100% fulfill all of our requirements on production economy and results and about 2000 - 5000 pieces of shafts are produced per one month (according to actual demand). By integration of HST CREATIVE desk postioner automatization into our production process was brought and our qualified welders could be shift to another type of work in our production because of the fact that positioners can be operated only by trained person. Return of initial investment came in 6 months.”


Stanislav Musil - production manager (REVOK, s.r.o.)


Martin Verner - serial production for general engineering 



It was necessary to increase production of weldment of tube type but as cheapest as possible (low production costs). System of robotization was such a high investment for us and desk positioners meant no possibility of automatization. In 2010 HST CREATIVE came with optimal solution for us and the device based on possibilities of serial machine but with full possibilities of automatization was delivered to our company. We have been using his device for almost 6 years withoit any failure and about 200.000 pieces in total have been produced so far. On the basis of the same, properly tested platform, we decided for purchase of another HST CREATIVE device in 2014. I have to say that again we are satisfied with the machine which can 100% fulfill production needs of our company with short time of investment return. For future cooperation is HST CREATIVE the only choice. ”


Martin Verner - owner of the company


STROJTEP - made to order production for breweries


“ Our company produces wide range of technologies for breweries with accent on stain less steel tanks. We had been performing welding manually for a long time but with increasement of production higher requirements on production and quality of welding came. Therefore we took decision to invest the money and buy portal machine of Gantry type BUILDER where the technology Plasma KeyHole is used. HST CREATIVE was opened to do several adjustments on standard type of the machine as we could use the machine in the place limited by height. Initial implementation of new and advanced technology brought several problems which were removed quite quickly and right now I can say that we are satisfied and this device had happend one of the key technologies of our production. In the beginning of 2016 digital technology was added to already used technology by HST CREATIVE. It goes about digital camera system which brings fully new possibilities talking about comfort of operator and production productivity. Cooperation with HST CREATIVE brought us complex “package” of know - how which is not easily accessible and our company reached increasement of quality and productivity of production as it was planned.”


Miroslav Pešek - production manager