Issolatte protection class IP51C has been successfully reached by HST CREATIVE

From the middle of the year 2016 R&D department in cooperation with construction department of HST CREATIVE has been continously working on reaching the level of issollate protection class IP51C.

The code IP 51C is classified according to czech national classification based on czech and EU technical standards. The first number (5 in this case) says that the device is protected against the dust and contact with the wire which is taken as highly important improvement of HST CREATIVE products (initially IP 21 was classified, which did not mean protection against the dust at all) because technologies of HST CREATIVE are used in areas were a lot of dust is situated. The second number (2 in this case) says that the device is protected against water (it used to be protected in the past as well). The letter C stands for protection against contact with sonde of 2,5 mm and lenght of 100 mm.


The issolatte protection of the class IP51C has been already reached by HST CREATIVE turntables of POTTER, WORKER, TINKER and ARCHER product lines and for the next year is sheduled to be reached by technologies controlled by RCS06 control system as well.


And what are the most significant benefits of reaching this "code"? At first it is worth mentioning that there is a great influence on electronics inside the device, meaning that all of the components inside like drivers, electrical circuits, motors, control system are not so strained by the dust of the area (workshops) there are operating in, which means the lifespan of such components has been prolonged many times. The second and very important thing as well is that the circulation of the air is realized only in the place where it should be realized. By this step maintanance becomes pretty easier and potential service acts as well.