HWR 3152.108 Mk.I

Basic description

    • HWR 3152.108 is a unique and universal production system of new generation which was designed according to HST CREATIVE philosophy. Perfect ergonomics and maintanance of high technology should be reached by designing this machine. A turning diameter of 1500 mm, maximal lenght of the weldment 2500 - 10500 mm
    • Mechanical construction iof the highest quality is suitable for high loading. The self – supporting steel construction of the highest quality carriers the beam with integrated drive on the first side. Between both sides there is longitudinal beam on which are torch heads placed on precise roller bearings. In addition, construction equipment, we finally solved the problem of welding fume extraction by integration of flexible air duct directly to the structure.
    • On the tailstock the drive can be mounted, drivers are synchronized and backlash – free. Step motor makes moving of planetary gearbox by which belt gear is driven. Main spindle and the tailstock have normalized flanges of different kinds for mounting of universal chuck 315mm. 

    • Tailstock can be delivered with numerically controlled T axis. That means that the elevation of the spindle of the tailstock in the range of 0 – 90° can be programmed. This concept advantage can be used during the welding in specific positions or even by screw welding of larger areas. Pressure of the tailstock is designed as linear with blocking segment and pneumatical cylinder of 125mm, with standard stroke of 300mm (on request can be higher). Blocking segment can include effective system of cooling for two welding torches.
    •  Torch head is equipped with servomotor and is numerically controlled in X axis. Is delivered for one welding technology or it is possible to use two welding technologies at the same time. Arm of the torch can have simple pneumatic stroke and three positions of the arm can be adjusted or can be solved as numerically controlled Z axis with mechanically adjustable arm with three adjustable positions. The arm is ended by precise support of torch position with adjustment in two axises +/- 20 mm in two axises and possibility of turning in 90° with determination of position. Holder of the torch by which the arm is ended can be in version of TIG or MIG

    • Machine can be equipped with cold wire feeder HST CREATIVE CW 08 TWIN. The feeder is fully controlled from the control system of the machine and enables wide range of possibilities of adjusting the parameters of feeding including reversing of the wire

    • The device is controlled by sophisticated RCS 06 control system which provides a clear and easily understandable user interface with full programming capabilities and results in a higher level of production throughout the entire process.

    ... The machine is suitable for working in the industry and even with high loads. The overall concept of the machine is so universal that the stand can be used for any rotary welding and conditional welding longitudinal seams (not weld on a copper pad - for this purpose are suitable controllers of AWL). The machine focuses on the production of pressure and non-pressure vessels, machine parts, schafts, pipes, heat exchangers as well as welding of armature because of the hole through the spindle. The machine can be used for layered and screw welding as well as for welding the plates in vertical positions. The same functionality as in the case of welding is succesfully used by production of screw conveyors. The control system RCS 06 provides a unique sophisticated attitude to functions including the digital communication with the welding machine. 


Benefits of product


√  Universal system for rotary, linear, layered and screw welding

√  Sophisticated control system RCS06 designed especially for welding process, high – tech equipment, controlling of welding generator

√  Machine uses the system of step motor > planetary gearbox> toothed belt > spindle

√  Hollow spindles with normalized shafts for mounting of universal chucks

  Tailstock placed on the precise bearings with possibility of elevation in the range of 0-90° designed as controlled axis

  Torch head for one or two welding technologies controlled in X (longitudinal) or Z axis (vertical) at the same time

  Construction of the highest quality enabling to use the upper way to clamp products

√  Digital cold wire feeder is possible to be mounted and directly controlled by the control system, pendel unit a another options 

Technical parameters



Maximal static loading

 5200,0 Kgs

Torque on shaft of the main spindle

  1918 Nm

Angle clearance of the main spindle static 

Torque on shaft of the tailstock (synchronized drive with the main spindle)*

1918 Nm

Angle clearance of the tailstock (loading not considered)*

Torque on shaft of elevation of the main spindle (T axis)*


Speed range of the main spindle (alternatively of the tailstock*)

0,01 - 5,6 rpm 

Pressure of the tailstock towards to main spindle


Duty cycle **



Maximal turning diameter 1500,0 mm 
Dimension between shaft of the main spindle and spindle of the tailstock * 2500,0 - 10500,0 mm
Hole through main spindle 108,0 mm
Diameter of flange of main spindle - recommended diameter of universal chuck 315,0 mm
Hole through the tailstock spindle 108,0 mm
Diameter of flange of tailstock spindle - recommended tailstock  315,0 mm
Stroke of working cylinder of pressure of the tailstock (standard delivery, adjustment on request) 300,0 mm 
Rotation of the main spindle Controlled axis
Rotation of the spindle of the tailstock (synchronized with main spindle)* Controlled axis
Elevation of the spindle of the tailstock (T axis)* 0 - 90°, controlled axis
Longitudinal movement of the arm of the torch (X axis)  Full function, controlled axis
Height of the torch (Z axis)* +/- 150mm, controlled axis
Adjustment of the start position of the arm (3 joints)  Full function, manual axis
Adjustment of torch position (ball joint)   Full function, manual axis
Precise adjustment of the torch position +/- 20mm, manual axis
Precise adjustment of feeding the wire *  +/- 5,0mmmanual axis
Suitable methods of welding MIG/MAG TIG, Plasma Weld, Laser
Electric current for DC transfered by spindle  550A
Electric current for AC transfered by spindle  450A
Connection of welding device through START/STOP system Yes
Connection of welding device through the system of UP/DOWN logic Yes
Programmable feeding of the wire* Yes
Remote control * Yes
Power supply 3x400V/N/PE/50Hz
Pressure air (dry, clean) 0,5 - 0,7MPa
Protective gases for welding 1 independant way
Protective gases for root protection * 2 independant ways
Design Stand desing with possibility to fix 
Level of IP IP 21 C
Input power for installation ***
Height 2624 mm
Lenght ***
Depth 2127 mm 
Net weight *** 2300 Kgs 


* Optional item, or more versions are available which differs according to function. Mentioned parameters are valid for maximal options.

** 8/5 = lower loading in one duty period /// 16/6 = industrial loading /// 24/7 = non - stop loading

*** Parameters can not be provided with 100% correctness. Configuration of the machine must be taken into consideration. Mentioned parameters are valid for reaching maximal effective value.

Functionality in detail

... The information given in here are the overview about possibilities of the machine and do not give explanation of individual components because of difficult comprehensibility of more complicated functions and equipment. For more details, please, contact the technical department or sales of HST CREATIVE.

Control system R06


a.1) Information needed for work

Control system for welding R06

- Entering basic information about production (rotary/logitudinal/screw welding)

- Entering the information about diameter of the product (mm)

- Assigning the welding source to the arm of the torch

a.2) Axis...Rotation

- The way of rotation - left/right

- The delay of the rotation before the welding (time after the confirmation of the stable arc is sent)

- Starting acceleration (angle and number)

- Angle of turning (maximal 720°, exactness 0,1°)

- Acceleration during the turning (angle and number)

- Deceleration at the end of the turning for creating  the precise closing sequence and defect-free connection of beginning and end of the weld in a rotary welding (angle and number)

- Points (automatic calculation of angles on the basis of entering information)

- O point (exact return to the start point)

a.3) Axis...Motoric

- In rotary mode of welding - the setting of the longitudinal welding position on the X Axis and its acting during the working cycle

- In longitudinal mode of welding - the setting of the welding position, the delay of activity after the welding process has started, the final time of welding, finishing of the sequence, the acting during the working cycle and radial position of the weld on the rotary axis

- The angle of tailstock's spindle 0- 90°. The fluent movement using the exact drive of tailstock's tilt or the logic of this function in case that the machine is equipped by the tailstock with pneumatically controlled stroke.

a.4) Axis of the torch

- The height of welding set by Z axis or the logic of controlling the pneumatical stroke of the torch

- The position of welding set by another controlled axises of the arm of the torch (Z and K axis or the five - axis jointed arm)  

a.5) Pendel (neccessary unit PU 03)

- The delay of the pendel after the confirmation of the stable arc is sent by the welding machine

- Frequency of the oscillatory movement (Hz) 

- Right/left divergence (in mm, separately for each side, exactness 0,1mm)

- Right/left delay, delay in the middle (setting of pendeling in sec.)

- The choice of programmed pendeling of any of controlled axises

a.6) The wire feeder (feeder CW 05 or CW 07 TWIN needed)

- The delay of starting the wire feeding after the sign of the stable arc is sent by the welding machine (sec)

- Frequency of feeding. The frequency of changes in the speed of feeding the wire (Hz).

- The maximum/minimum frequency of feeding. Individual speeds of feeding are set separately (0-10m/min)

- The crumb. The setting of proportion between the maximum/minimum speed of feeding (%) 

- Pulling of the wire. The setting of minimal speed of feeding will be changed (the wire burns in batches with all the benefits stemming from this procedure)

- Pulling the wire at the end of the welding the wire against the residual oxidation (mm)

a.7) Controlling the source

- Angle of connection of the welding source (0 - 720°)

- Angle of turning the welding source off (max. 720°)

- Welding machine program (button UP/DOWN, or CAN BUS chooses JOB)

a.8) Forming gas

- Pre-blowing and after-blowing of forming gas into the torch for welding source number 1 and for welding source number 2

- Pre-blowing and after-blowing of forming gas

a.9) Another device

- Setting of digital remote control "Mighty controller"

- Controlling of copy system (settings of position and parameters)

- Controlling AVC during the TIG/ PLASMA WELD welding methods (automatic control of height of the weld)

- Controlling of scanning the welding position by electromagnetic sensor

- Scanning of welding data and system of welding quality evaluation

- Connecting of another external systems


B) Programs - Memory box

- The machine can memorize the own settings including the whole working cycle. There is a possibility to name, edit, copy, shift (199 free positions)


C) Compilation of programs

- Programs safed in Memory boxes can be arbitrarily combinated into the functional lines and can create even the difficult working cycle. For example it is possible to weld like that: fully automated cycle with visual checking always with program changing - BREAK function

- Program 1 - The root layer of the weld done by TIG method without pendelling of the torch, speed range 45cm/min, without additional wire, power supply 72A

- Program 2 - The layer number two done by TIG method with pendelling of the torch and using the cold wire feeder, speed range 65 cm/min, power supply 160A

- Program 3 - The layer number three done by MAG PULSE method with pendelling of the torch, speed range 72cm/min, power supply 235 A


D) Quick options

- Automatic/manual mode of work by pressing the button

- "No Weld" function is suitable for testing the settings without welding 

- Tilt of the welding torch

- "Triangulation" button. A special kind of the botton suitable for saving the current positions of all the controlled axises of the machine on the basis of visual checking of machine service. The visual output will be put down by the machine as coordinates of controlled axises


D) Direct functions

- Button of the test of forming gas (by pressing all of gas valves will be opened)

- Button of manual tilt of the welding torch

- Button of manual connection of the pneumatical component ( for example pressing by tailstock)

Welded parts

- The machine is universal and sophisticated production unit which can be used in industry. It is possible to weld rotary circumferential welds, angular welds in position PA/PB using the tilting tailstock and also fully-fledged welds can be done

- The production of pressure and non-pressure vessels from all materials and by using all the welding methods of arc welding (except SAW method) is really typical. Because of high exactness of the machine the machine parts, flanges, shafts, heat exchangers and tubesheets can be welded on this machine

- The machine is able to work in screw welding mode on the surface of the cylinder even on the surface of the working plate (tilting 90°). Of course, there will be interpolation change of the speed of spindle rotation according to current diameter. A special kind of used software provides the possibility to weld each layer separately by using the controlled axis of the torch stroke


- The machine can be delivered in different lenght versions in the range of 1500 - 5500 mm (dimension of welded part) 

- Choice between using the universal chuck or working plate or single - purpose accessories.

- Mechanical or hydraulical support, bending forces during welding of long weldments can be carried out.

- Choice between one arm/two arm support for the torch with possibility of choosing the combination of welding methods on each of the arms

- Tilting tailstock with controlled axis of the tilting or fixed tailstock. Both of them with function of pneumatic pressing

- Systems of sensing the weld trace, pneumaticmechanical, electromechanical, arc voltage sensing 

- The cooling system integrated into the control system of the machine - out 8.5kW suitable for cooling of all the devices

- Choice of controlled motoric axises. X, Z, T, Y axis, jointed axises of the torch 

- Choice of the type of digital cold wire feeder on the basis of the whole configuration of the machine

- Choice of top welding generators for TIG DC, TIG AC, PLASMA WELD, MAG PULSE methods which are created according to HST CREATIVE instructions


- Sophisticated digital remote control "Mighty controller" is the best choice as the optional accessorie. It goes about freely programmed accessorie by which all the functions needed for controlling the machine during the welding can be controlled

- The control system of the machine is so precise that provides on-line information about the current revs and about current speed range of the welding 

- Program compilations provide perfect possibilities of fully automated production unit consisting of many different types of welds

- Versions of two torches do not limite the user by welding technologically complicated products

- The possibilities of using the machine for positional welding of 0 - 90° (because of the tilting tailstock)

- Digital cold wire feeders provide precise welding results with exactness of 5mm3/min, giving information about the amount of the wire supplied into the weld




Necessary choice

Neccesary to be added to the machine. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us. Your offer can be successfully finished without these options.

Constructional surcharge

These options must be added to the machine during the production process. Later it can be connected with high costs or it is fully impossible.

Free options

These options can be mounted anytime. Later order of these options does not mean higher costs.



Basic configuration of the machine


HWR 3152.108 Mk.I

Horizontal automat with maximal loading of 5200 Kgs, lenght of the weldment 2500 - 10500mm, turning diameter 1500mm

In the basic delivery is included: machine HWR 2502.78 equipped with sophisticated control system RCS06, cable for controlling the welding machine (without connector)

Basic equipment for automatization


Universal chuck 315mm

Three - jaw universal chuck with special adjustment for welding, hole108mm

√ Standard concentric movement of clamping segments
√ Inner and outer clamping segments
√ Clamping klink
√ Special adjustment reducing wearing of gears caused by electric current
√ Weight 42,5 kg


Tailstock with motorized elevation - controlled T axis

SET which enables to control elevation of tailstock spindle in T axis

√ Optional choice
√ Mounted on the device and adjusted during its production
√ Additional mountage of this option requires HST CREATIVE experts


Synchronized drive of the tailstock with main spindle for Mk.I. version

Functional option of the machine enabling supporting the product as well as pressure of tailstock (shaft 315mm, hole 108mm)

√ Free option
√ Mountage realized in HST production
√ Additional mountage only with HST assistance
√ Equipped with shaft for chuck 315 mm
√ Equipped with the drive with appropriete connections
√ Equipped with locking segment with pneumatic cylinder



Mechanical head (cross unit) with +/- 20mm movement (axises X/Z)



Mechanical head (cross unit) with +/- 20mm movement (osy X/Z/T/R/J) with the possibility of rotation in 90 degree



Holder of MIG, or TIG torch with possibility to choose diameter



Holder of the TIG torch available in several diameters depended on request and with the system of height control of the welded product above welded material.



Holder of the MIG torch with possible to order diameter suitable for clamping and with system of checking the heigh of the torch above welded material.



Precise system of CW cold wire feeding +/- 5mm (axis X/Z)



The first part of the gas protection system of welding with the clamp



SET of one - way lining of forming gas under the weld or to the place of welding, controlled by control system

√ Optional item
√ Mounted in production
√ Additional mounting requires HST CREATIVE experts
√ One - way floating flow meter is included in SET
√ Controlled valve and neccesary material are included in SET



Digital cold wire feeder fully integrated into the subordinate control system

√ Optional item
√ Mounted on the machine in productionMontáž zařízení je provedena ve výrobě
√ Additional mounting requires HST CREATIVE experts
√ Feeder, cables, control system, sources are included
√ Full SW enables digitally controlled feeding of the wire
√ Standard equipment for feeding the wire of 1,2 and 1,6mm



Digital and freely programable remote control with displaying of parameters

√ Optional item
√ Suitable for remote controlling of key functions
√ The device uses OpenBus communication
√ Buttons are freely programable by the user
√ Tree pages are available
√ Shining display


Holder for Mighty Controller

Holder of remote control Mighty Controller is freely mountable on any kind of material

√ Optional item
√ Construction based on 3D joint which can be moved



Full equipment and electronics for controlled connection of another welding machine to machine

√ Optional item
√ Mounted while machine is being produced
√ Additional mounting requires HST CREATIVE experts
√ SET includes electronic board for controlling of power source
√ SET includes the cables, connectors, material



Complete set of equipment and electronics for connect the welding source via the OPEN CAN digital communication interface (CEBORA welding sources)

√ Optional item
√ Mounted while produced
√ Additional mounting requires HST CREATIVE experts
√ SET includes electronic board for controlling of power source
√ SET includes all of necessary cables, connectors



Extending function needed for londitudinal welding by which also pendel function for X axis is enabled.

√ Software option
√ Option necessary for performing londitudinal welding
√ Possibility of torch pendel in rotary mode



Extending function needed for screw welding

√ Software option
√ Option necessary for performing screw welding



Extending function of complete software possibilities

√ Software option
√ Option necessary for performing londitudinal welding
√ Option necessary for pendel of the torch in rotary mode
√ Option necessary for layered screw welding



Extending functionality for controlling the second independent X axis

√ Software option

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