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...This device is suitable for general purposes for the proces of automatization and mechanisation of welding. This device is the part of sophisticated equipment for automatization of welding HST CREATIVE ARM.


  • ARM LIFT 800 is sophisticated column suitable for mounting of arm systems suitable for automatization of welding.
  • Welded base is equipped with quench cogwheel for stable mountage into the bearing element. The base is bearing precise aluminium part equipped with gear belt and gear wheels with integrated snail gearbox and pinion.
  • Clearance is determinated by eccentric bearing, stroke is done by handle. Welding arm base is situated on the top of the column and is prepared for mounting of ARM FLEXI, or another compatible option. Stroke is 800mm.


Benefits of product

  Precise sturdy design without clearance and bendings.

  Precise vertical mechanized carriage done throught the system of snail gearbox and gear belt.