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ARM 2 SLIDE. Mechanical head +/-15mm (axis X/Z/T/J)

...This device is suitable for general purposes for the proces of automatization and mechanisation of welding. This device is the part of sophisticated equipment for automatization of welding HST CREATIVE ARM.


  • ARM 2 SLIDE is compact microstep unit suitable for bearing the torch and adjustment of the precise position when applications of automatization of welding are used.
  • Construction is made out of duralumin with precise adjustment of +/-15mm in axes X and Z and rotation of torch holder with fixation per each 30°.

  • Moving axises are equipped with precise screws and high quality grooved nuts.


Main benefits

√  Sophisticated lightweight construction from high quality duralumin.

√  Precise bearings and backlash - free design.

 Connecting elements of cone design.