Design and ergonomics

In HST CREATIVE all of the technologies are developed on the basis of interconnection of the design, technology and human being. All of the devices are designed as ergonomic sophisticated working tools of great technical parameters and imaginative design. 


With honour to tradicions

  • The Lands of Czechia belonged to the most developed areas of Europe from the 19. century. Mainly, the time period between World wars is the most significant talking about modern history. During this period a big expension of industry came in such branches as mechanical engineering, automotive and aircraft industry. In these times products made in Czechoslovakia were the symbol of quality and gained a big success in the world. Then World War the II. came, tragical time period for the whole world but it is remarkable that czech industry was not affected so deeply by negative impacts of World War the II. However, the situation changed dramatically with rule of the communists who came to rule in 1948 and brought a huge decline not only on the field of industry, but in general. In 1960s the situation looked more optimistic for a shorter amount of time but in fact brought only last attemps of dying generation of constructers. After this period huge decline came for the following twenty years.  



                     JAWA 500 OHC                                                   ŠKODA 1000MB                                                     AERO 145


HST CREATIVE in the time period of 2009 - 2016

  • In these times when globality effects the world so deeply, is very difficult to come back to initial values and philosophy on which is our (now republic) based. However, HST CREATIVE is based on the same philosophy as there used to be in the last century and is really proud of that. We, HST CREATIVE team, want to be creative, inventive and hard working because all of these aspects bring success.



                      RWP 108.221.HL                                               EWR 1450.108                                                  HWR 3152.108.H