Hottest news in innovations - GWU Smart automats

One of the most important news for today are automats of model line GWU Smart controlled by precise RCS 06 control system with camera and touchscreen ...

One of the most important news for today are automats of model line GWU Smart which follows one of the most sucessful model lines in HST CREATIVE - PWU Smart. It goes about gantry welding automat of new generation which was designed according to HST CREATIVE philosophy. Perfect ergonomics and maintanance of high technology should be reached by designing this machine.


Three models are the part of this model line which differs from each other in maximal diameter of welded product, maximal lenght of product is unlimited. Machines of GWU model line are equipped with sophisticated control system RCS 06 which provides a clear and easily understandable user interface with full programming capabilities and results in a higher level of production throughout the entire process. Another benefit is camera system which is also a hot news. Using camera enables the service to check the process of welding on the display and also the details of the weld are precisly seen. Touchscreen which is also completely new solution of HST CREATIVE enables to control the machine easily during the process of welding. 


And for which productions are these machines suitable? The machine is suitable for working in the industry and for welding various types of vessels. The machine focuses on the production of pressure and non-pressure vessels. 


Two of the prototypes has been already sucessfully delivered to one Czech company and working on a high level.